I hope someday Ill know the pain in being loved

for all Ive ever known, was the pain of being lost.


Acid breathe

Im so alone

Lost without connection

lost without a hope

Just another lost soul

Days go by and the sun still shines

All that remains, is my loneliness. 


I write these words in hope

that someday someone will understand

My jaw quivers at the thoughts

of whats to come

Is this just a dark period?

Or am I just waiting for the coming of light


My memories and scare taught me

to walk along these dark treacherous halls.

I navigate them all to well

without a light at the other end.


I whisper in your ear

Tell you what you want to hear

Then you look at me

Hand me your special key

And it’s all because of a whisper.

Late at night

Late at night

When I should be asleep

Into my heart

You quietly creep

I sit and ponder

How it could be

But you must’ve

stumbled across the key

I know our friendship

Could mean so much more

But it’s up to you

to open the door.

What I cant say

There’s so many words I cant say

When I look into your eyes

Maybe you’ll reject me and shatter all my pride

Each day my love grows stronger

but I want you to know

There’s way too much behind my smile

that I can’t show

Id hold you for a lifetime

if you’d take my hand

Id love you like no other

but you don’t understand

Every time I see you

my urge grows stronger

The pain cuts like a dagger

making wounds that’ll never cure

So Ill dream of us together

of how good it could be

And i will keep it a secret

the love you could have with me